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For entrances that demand more, Albany products offer has a comprehensive selection of high-speed rolling doors. Our doors are strong, fast and rugged allowing your operation to run smoothly. Albany doors enhance the flow and convenience of your business by creating entrance solutions for the front, back, and interior of your building.

Gain a competitive advantage in manufacturing with Albany product solutions. Our door systems will help you have more efficient and dependable entrances for the front, back, and interior of your manufacturing facility.

Albany Interior Doors

Interior roll up doors provides secure, reliable and safe high-speed solutions for inside facilities.  Interior roll-up doors are the ideal solution for separating critical areas and increasing efficiency within a facility. Innovative rolling interior doors can be especially suited for environments ranging from cold storage and clean rooms to general manufacturing or special machine protection applications. Albany RapidRoll roll up interior doors feature rapid opening speeds and advanced safety systems along with tight sealing and pressure resistance to help isolate or control environments.

Albany Exterior Doors

We offer a wide variety of high-performance exterior doors to keep your operation running smoothly. Designed to deliver security, strength and smooth performance, a well-built exterior door keeps the flow of equipment, materials, and people moving throughout your facility.

Rubber exterior doors are made of heavy-duty steel with an impact-proof rubber curtain. Ideal for areas with a forklift and heavy equipment traffic, these doors handle large openings with speed and reliability. Metal exterior security doors create a secure, energy-efficient entrance to your facility, while rapid roll doors are the perfect high-speed solution for warehouses, car dealerships, and equipment service bays.

Albany Cold Storage Doors

Meet the demands of cold storage areas with insulated high-speed cold storage and freezer doors. Albany cold storage and freezer doors combine fast speeds and a reliable thermal barrier to protect product quality in critical temperature zones. These innovative freezer door solutions enhance temperature control, decrease energy costs and increase productivity.

Albany Cleanroom Doors

High-speed cleanroom doors protect against drafts, humidity, dust, and dirt. One of the leading cleanroom door manufacturers, delivers high-speed cleanroom doors perfected for controlled environments. Our cleanroom doors feature an almost airtight seal, which minimizes pressure drop and protects your environment against drafts, humidity, dust, and dirt. These advanced high-speed doors are ideal for cleanroom and associated controlled environment applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro-mechanics industries.

Albany High Speed Door

High-speed exterior and interior doors for heavy-duty operation. Albany high-speed roll up doors are designed for medium-sized exterior and interior openings in heavy-duty operations. The Albany series doors feature a flexible curtain for maximum safety, tight seals for protection against humidity, dust and dirt, fast speeds for improved traffic flow, and a unique direct drive system for smooth, consistent operation. Albany high-speed roll up doors ensure the safety of your personnel and equipment thanks to the flexible curtain fabric and soft bottom door edge. A motor driven by a frequency converter makes the high-speed door extremely reliable while the soft start and stop increases the longevity of the motor considerably.
The Albany  high-performance doors are also equipped with a self-resetting breakaway system to reduce production downtime and maintenance needs.


1. Albany Model 670 Rapid Roll Door

Proven Performance

RapidRoll 670 high speed rapid roll up doors set the standard for the industrial door industry. These doors are energy saving, low maintenance rapid roll up doors that can be configured for interior or exterior applications with high traffic and intermediate wind pressures. RapidRoll 670 doors reduce maintenance costs and lower energy consumption. Speeds of up to 100″ per second decrease air infiltration and enhance productivity. Patented Contactless Safety Edge® detects objects anywhere in the door path and reverses the curtain before contact.


2. Albany M&I Ultra Big Extreme Duty High Speed Door

Sturdy, heavy duty and reliable for large openings in harsh environment

Albany Door Systems’ UltraBig M&I Re-Coil-Away, “The World’s Toughest High Speed Rubber Door“, is designed for door openings over 30′ x 30′. This big and tough door provides dependable performance in the most rugged industrial applications. The heavy duty side frames, thick rubber curtain and patented windlock design form a near airtight seal and can resist extreme wind pressures.

The UltraBig M&I is designed to last. It is durable, safe, low cost to maintain and can take a hit.

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3. Albany Model 355 High Speed Door

Durable, Fast and Self Repairing with Maximum Visibility

The RapidRoll 355 high speed door is an extremely durable door. It was designed for fast moving, industrial and commercial applications where climate control and visibility are important. Advanced safety features keep people and equipment safe from door impact. The door is perfect for interior applications where moderate wind and/or negative pressure are a problem.

Speed and Visibility

High Performance

  • Speed: The RapidRoll 355 opens at up to 100 inches per second.

  • Transparent PVC vertical panels connected with blue polyester monofilament woven fabric. Optional 2-ply upgrade available. Consult factory for additional colors choices.

Side Frames


The door’s extruded aluminum side columns are self-supporting, which allows for quick and simple installation and in most cases reducing the need for additional framing materials. The covers on the side frames can be easily opened for quick cleaning and maintenance.

UltraFast UltraSmart Contoller AllStar® Soft-Start, Soft-Stop Controller

Computer controlled drive system features a soft-start, soft-stop operation, eliminating jarring starts and stopping of the door panel for less wear on the drive.

Door limits are easily set directly from the control panel. This systems allows the door to consistently operate at speeds of up to 100″ (2.5m) per second with very little wear to mechanical parts.

Contactless Safety Edge

Prevents Injury

Contactless Safety Edge uses sensitive photocells to detect objects in the door path above floor level. The photocells are positioned 5″ below the bottom safety edge on both sides of the door curtain. When the door is closing the photocells travel with the bottom edge remaining 5″ below the door panel so they detect an object before the door can make any contact.

In addition to the CSE systems, stationary in-line photocells are fixed at floor level for maximum safety measures

Self-Repairing (SRD2) Technology

Easy Maintenance

The bottom beam and door panel is engineered with a SRD2 self-repairing technology. If equipment or vehicles accidentally impact the panel, the door curtain and bottom beam will release from the side frames to help avoid damage. After an impact the door will stop automatically and can be reset by a push of a button on the control panel.

The reset button lowers the bottom beam to floor level where the panel and side frame components automatically reconnect for normal door cycling

Manual Release System

Automatically Raises Door in Emergencies

Albany doors can be supplied with our Manual Release System. When a power outage takes place, people want to get out of the building. In the event of an emergency, they want to get out fast.

Albany’s Manual Release System is automatic. Simply pull the brake release and the door will begin to open, allowing egress to occur easily and efficiently. No manual cranks or climbing ladders to open a door without power. Simply pull the brake release and you are able to get out.


4. Albany Therma Freeze Insulated High Speed Door

High Traffic in Extreme Temperatures

From freezer to loading dock, Albany’s ThermaFreeze cold storage insulated freezer doors save on energy and maintenance costs while maximizing workflow and ensuring a safer more productive environment. ThermaFreeze is one of the fastest high speed doors on the market opening at speeds of up to 130” per second. Climatex™ insulated door panel material prevents door panel moisture build up in environments with temperature variances below 32 degrees F to 45 degrees F. In extreme conditions Albany’s low voltage air flow system keeps the door panel and side frames ice free.

5. Albany Ultra Clean High Speed Door

Contain Costs and Contaminants

UltraClean high speed doors offer fast opening and closing speeds to control air infiltration while it’s sanitary design minimizes the spread of contaminants. Two piece side column design and stainless steel components allow for easy wash down and cleaning


6. Albany Ultra Cool High Speed Door

Fast, SafE, Self Repairing for Cold Storage

The UltraCool high speed door is perfect for high traffic cold storage applications where environmental control and energy savings are critical. The UltraCool’s fast cycling speeds and tight seals limit the amount of air infiltration through the door opening, resulting in lower energy costs. The breakaway fabric door panel and self-repairing features keep the UltraCool operating after accidental impact.

7. Albany Ultra Fast High Speed Door

Fast, SafE, Self Repairing for High Traffic Areas

Albany Door Systems’ self repairing UltraFast™ high speed door is a work-horse. It was designed specifically for high traffic, heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications. The door can be applied in either interior or exterior applications where moderate wind and/or negative pressure are a problem.

When fork-truck traffic is high, maintenance is a concern and safety concerns are at a premium, UltraFast™ is the solution.

8. Albany Ultra Freeze High Speed Door

Durable, Fast and Climate Control for Cold Storage Freezer Use

Albany Door Systems’ self-repairing UltraFreeze™ high speed door is designed for high traffic cold storage freezer applications where the need for speed is paramount. When fork-truck traffic is high, door speed is important, climate control is critical and safety concerns are at a premium, Albany’s UltraFreeze™ is the solution.

UltraFreeze™ high speed cold storage doors are tough, built to last and engineered to cycle hundreds of thousands of times.


9. Albany Ultra Secure 3000 High Speed Door

Fast, Safe and Wind Resistant for High Profile Applications

Albany Door Systems’ UltraSecure 3000 high speed metal door is perfect for commercial and high security applications where speed is important, looks are critical, traffic is frequent, and door safety concerns are paramount. The bold sleek design adds visual appeal to any architectural environment. The UltraSecure 3000 meets Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements.


10. Albany Ultra Slim High Speed Door

Value with Reliability

UltraSlim™ high speed fabric doors are affordable, space-saving commercial doors that deliver the most value for the price. You’ll optimize limited space and budget plus reduce maintenance and energy costs. More importantly, you’ll ensure safety and operational efficiency. UltraSlim™ high speed fabric doors are self-repairing and ideally suited for industrial and commercial applications with separate work areas and moderate traffic conditions.


11. Albany Ultra Tough M&I Rubber Door

The World's Toughest High Speed Rubber Doors

Albany Door Systems’ UltraTough M&I Re-Coil-Away, “The World’s Toughest High Speed Rubber Doors”, provide dependable performance in the most rugged industrial applications. The heavy duty side frames, thick rubber curtain and patented windlock design form a near airtight seal and can resist extreme wind pressures.