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The Best Door Company – High Performance Doors and Installation  

The Best Door Company of Ontario sells high-performance doors from the most respected overhead door companies globally, and we’re ready to help you install and repair your  

Your doors are an essential part of your loading dock environment or other commercial space, and our doors will provide the durable protection you need for your building. We install doors from companies like Albany, Hercules, Rytec, and Chase

Our doors will protect all the vital components of your business, as well as save you money on energy costs. High-performance doors are designed to operate under demanding and severe conditions in busy loading dock environments, industrial facilities, and other commercial buildings. As a division of DuraServ, we’re ready to deliver your high-speed doors and assist with design, installation, and regularly scheduled maintenance checks.

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High Speed Doors

High-Speed doors serve as a barrier to protect equipmentproducts, and workers from harm. High-Speed doors save energy and effectively meet the extreme demands of rigorous business operations.


Albany high speed doors are extremely durable and designed for fast-moving, industrial and commercial applications where climate control and visibility are important. Albany high speed doors include advanced safety features to keep people and equipment safe from door impact.

Let Us Install Your High-Speed Doors  

High-speed industrial doors are meant to exist in intense commercial and industrial situations, and they’re designed to withstand the rigors of an environment where something is always moving. High-speed doors are commonly found in establishments like automobile dealerships, hotels, and other facilities, where frequent deliveries occur all day and night. They’re also a vital part of warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial facilities. High-speed doors are also an essential part of any loading dock environment. 

Albany manufactures our high-speed doors and offers many benefits, including durability, high visibility, and enhanced climate control over lesser doors. For example, we might recommend the  

Albany Therma-Freeze insulated high-speed door for your cold storage facility since this door will act as a highly effective thermal barrier in your facility. Improve temperature control and maintain the quality of your products with a reliable door that features exceptional speed, safety, and protection

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Chase traffic doors are a cost-effective solution for fast and efficient, two-way movement through an opening where visual, sound, and environmental barriers are required.

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Protect Your Operation with a Traffic Door 

A traffic door is a flexible door that allows significant traffic to move through swinging doors efficiently and safely. A traffic door can help reduce noise and create a barrier when protection from environmental factors is required. One of the best characteristics of our traffic doors is that they’re virtually maintenance-free, so they’re an “install it and forget it” option that you won’t need to worry about.  

Features of our Chase AirGard Model 100 traffic door include: 

  • Abrasion-resistant 
  • Vinyl-coated nylon door panels 
  • Pocket weights at the bottom of each panel 
  • Options like windows and impact plates 

We also carry the  

If you need the most formidable traffic door on the market, you’ll want to consider the Durulite standard traffic door. The door has a long service life and is easy to maintain. 

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Hercules doors are solutions for temperature-controlled environments, namely, food manufacturers and distributors in the dairy, meat, produce beverage, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

Improve Your Business with Hercules Freezer Doors 

A temperature-controlled environment without a functional freezer door can cost you immeasurable amounts of money in energy costs, as well as spoiled products. We sell and install Hercules freezer doors, which are the best for environments where temperature control is at the top of the list. We install Hercules doors for businesses like pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, food and beverage distributors, and food processing plants. Hercules doors are an affordable way to keep your products from spoiling.  

We carry five different Hercules freezer doors, including: 

For buildings with extremely low temperatures. Hercules doors offer benefits like strong seals for closure and heavy-duty construction for loading dock environments and anywhere heavy equipment is in use. Hercules has manufactured doors for more than 60 years and has built its reputation for manufacturing exceptional products. That’s why we install Hercules freezer doors for our Ontario customers. 

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Rytec Bantam Door

Rytec high-speed doors include Rytec Fabric DoorsRytec PredaDoor NXTRigid Rolling DoorsRubber Rolling Doors, and Rytec Fast Fold Doors. Rytec high-speed doors are manufactured to provide security, safety, energy savings, and less maintenance. Rytec high-speed doors offer top qualitydurability, and performance. Ideal for automotive dealerships, commercial establishmentsindustrial, offices, parking, retail stores, and security applications.

Enjoy Security and Safety with Rytec High-Speed Doors 

We recommend Rytec high-speed doors for their high quality and their ability to enhance the efficiency and safety of your loading dock environment, industrial setting, or commercial facility. We regularly install Rytec high-speed doors for clients who own automobile dealerships, run-heavy industrial sites, and own retail stores. We have more than 15 models of Rytec high-speed doors available, and we’re here to offer our expertise in helping you choose the best door for your business. 

Rytec high-speed doors often have particular applications and are tailor-made for cold storage facilities, pharmaceutical businesses, and extreme environments requiring ultra-strong and reliable doors. For example, we might install a high-speed rolling door with Turbo-Seal technology and features like a complete perimeter seal and heated side columns that help reduce frost buildup. These doors can be manufactured up to ten feet wide and 14 feet high.

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Do I Need a High-Performance or Commercial Door? 

Our high-performance doors are manufactured with the expectation that they’ll be used in severe and demanding environments with significant traffic, heavy-duty conditions, and relentless demands on the doors and the surrounding environment. When you partner with us for your overhead doors, we can ensure you get the correct door type for your establishment. If you need an economical door for your retail space, we might recommend a commercial sectional door

On the other hand, if you require a door installed near a loading dock, we might recommend one of our high-performance doors, like a high-performance door from Albany or a high-speed door from Rytec. From Rytec fast-fold doors to Chase Durulite standard traffic doors to Albany Therma-Freeze insulated high-speed doors, we have the doors you need for your operation’s safety, enhancement, and efficiency. 


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