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The Best Door Company is your number one source for commercial roll-up doors, but did you know we also sell and install additional products that are designed to improve your business operations? We sell energy-saving products like industrial fans, door operators, and turbo seal insulated doors. Throughout Toronto and the rest of the province, you’ll see our doors operating on all sorts of businesses, and you’ll also see our exceptional money-saving devices installed too.  

We offer sales, installation, and design services across the province, and we’re experts in transforming your warehouse, distribution center, or commercial facility into a profitable, safe, and energy-efficient powerhouse. We’d love to speak with you about your facility and offer recommendations on how our products might improve your facility. A modest change or added piece of equipment in your facility can provide a significant return on investment, and our experience will help you maximize your investment.

Warehouses and distribution centers experience major challenges while maintaining proper air temperature and air quality. The BestDoor Company, a division of DuraServ, offers sustainable energy-saving product options including industrial fans, Rytec turbo insulated door, and door operators to Brampton, Concord, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Ontario, Scarborough, Toronto, and Vaughan, CA.

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Industrial Fans for Your Toronto Business

As the manager or owner of a warehouse or other distribution-type facility, you probably spend a lot of time trying to make sure the floors of your building are clean and free of moisture, which is essential for keeping your employees safe and your products moving at the optimal pace. However, how often do you look up in your facility? If you haven’t already considered it, your business might benefit from a high volume low speed (HVLS) fan from Entrematic. 

These fans are lightweight and efficient, and we can install them easily into virtually any building. These C-Class commercial fans not only boost the energy efficiency of your HVAC system but they’re also beneficial for reducing moisture buildup on the floors of your warehouse, which can prove deadly when not maintained. These fans can reduce your electricity costs, improve the working conditions for your employees, and save you money on overhead expenses.

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Rytec Turbo Seal Freezer Door

Turbo Seal Insulated Doors for your Ontario Company  

One of the essential facets of running a cost-effective operation is keeping your HVAC costs at a reasonable level. There is often nothing more important than keeping cold rooms at the right temperature for climate-controlled facilities. Small variances may impact the safety of your products in temperature, which means ourturbo seal insulated doors from Rytec are an essential tool for your food & beverage operation or your cold-storage facility. 

Each year, the costs of doing business increase, and the money you pay for energy is one of the highest costs you can see as the operator of a climate-controlled facility. Our Rytec doors have an average opening speed of more than 2.5 meters per second, an industry-leading rate for insulated roll doors. Our doors are an excellent addition to your existing facility, as well as a must-have for your newly constructed building.

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Door Operators for Your Mississauga Business 

If you have a smaller, lighter commercial door that has mid-range duty cycle requirements, you may want to explore the benefits of our Liftmaster 115V Hoist Logic Operator. This medium-duty device offers exceptional advanced options, and its programmable integrated circuit board is UL325-2010 compliant. One of the most helpful features is the integrated “timer-to-close” function, which allows you to program opening and closing from five to 60 seconds in five-second intervals. 

One of the surprise benefits of an automatic door opener is its ability to save your company money by reducing your heating or cooling costs. When you purchase a door operator for your business, you’ll receive the benefit of professional installation from our expert team, as well as the best recommendations for energy-efficient devices for your facility. Let us help you improve the energy efficiency of your facility and enhance the overall safety of your operation with a Liftmaster commercial door operator.

Design Highlights

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Installation & Repair from The Best Door Company 

We sell the best equipment for commercial businesses, but we’re more than just a showroom with products. We know everything there is to know about our products, and we’re always trying to learn more about how our equipment can help your business. We can install, service, and repairabsolutely everything we sell, and we’re committed to making sure every customer we help receives the absolute best in equipment and service. 

We have a fully stocked warehouse, a full fleet of service trucks, and an incredibly dedicated team of salespeople, installation pros, and service technicians. We’re ready to repair, improve, or recommend your reliable and efficient commercial products. Let us use our knowledge and experience to provide you with the best new equipment for your facility and make recommendations on how you might improve your operation. We love to see our customers enjoy improved efficiency and lower costs with new equipment.

Improve Productivity with Our Design Services 

Over time, business methods change and improve, and so does the equipment they use. We strive to stay at the forefront of technology and design, and that’s why we offer design services for your business. As a division of DuraServ, we’re able to provide expert design services for your loading docks that can help you improve your current operation or hit the ground running with a brand-new facility. 

Our goal is to improve your productivity with every installation project we undertake. Our design services are just one way we can bring your company to the most profitable state possible. With devices like our industrial fans, Rytec turbo seal insulated doors and door operators, let us enhance your operation. We want to be involved with all facets of your commercial operation, and we’re confident that our many years of experience and the superior products we install are the key to your success.

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We want to be your commercial door and device company and the only company you call when you need sales, service, or installation of your overhead doors, door operators, and commercial fans. We combine the best installation pros in the business with the most impressively manufactured devices to guarantee your satisfaction. Call us today to begin your journey toward a more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable commercial business. 

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The BestDoor Company, a division of DuraServ, designsinstalls, services, and maintains loading dock systems for industrial facilities in Brampton, Concord, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Ontario, Scarborough, Toronto, and Vaughan, CA. Whether it’s a retrofit or new construction, The Best Door Company upgrades or installs loading dock designs with energy-efficient products to reduce energy costs. We have the expertise, the latest products, and the most advanced technology.

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